Reading a book, watching television, sleeping ... all normal and relaxing activities, aren't they?

Generally yes, but not if there are mosquitoes!

Many times these little beings disturb us without giving us the opportunity to do our activities in peace.

But how do we get rid of them?

As we are a start-up immersed in the world of gardening, we naturally recommend plants! In fact, they have a natural anti-mosquito action, give off perfume and boast beautiful colors.

But which one to choose?

We have prepared a list especially for you, read and choose your favorite plant, or even more than one:

  1. Geraniums , are colorful, fragrant and easy to grow flowers. Their smell is a very powerful natural repellent against mosquitoes and midges so hurry up and buy this fantastic plant as soon as possible.
  2. Lavender, also very popular for its delicate scent and color, has valuable anti-mosquito properties. It is above all its smell that keeps annoying insects away.
  3. Eucalyptus, everyone knows this plant for its healing powers and for the benefits it can bring to the respiratory tract but in addition to this, it is also an excellent ally in the fight against mosquitoes: the scent of its leaves in fact acts as a repellent and allows you to keep insects away.
  4. Basil, is one of the most aromatic herbs in the kitchen but also one of the easiest to grow. She is perfect for growing on the balcony and her scented green leaves keep mosquitoes away. Plus you can keep it handy for cooking!
  5. Rosemary, last but not least, it is also an aromatic plant that is used a lot in the kitchen. Like basil, it can be grown on the balcony or in the garden and is very useful for carrying out our hobbies without the constant presence of mosquitoes.

These plants naturally help but do not completely eliminate mosquitoes. So, if you want to be more repaired, we recommend you try ours too Spirhello which will be able to support the coaster or you can try the mosquito protection.

These are the most effective plants and products we know. Do you use any others? Write it to us and update us!

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