In these still cold days, the time to spend at home is dense and full of activities to be carried out especially to make evergreen corners of the house and cared for. Window sills can be populated with beautiful species of tropical plants that during the cold season they live very well in the houses of the city pampered by the warmth and humid air of the rooms.

Our beloved plants are not only able to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen but are also able to eliminate VOCs, so-called Volatile Organic Substances. In fact, according to some studies carried out by NASA, there are several plants with phyto-purifying properties capable of eliminate harmful substances present in the air of domestic environments such as formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, benzene, carbon monoxide and ammonia.

Plants are therefore powerful purifiers capable of absorb chemicals and toxic substances, filtering the air and purifying it.

Our homes they are often subject to this type of substance that in the long run they can cause discomfort, headache, allergies and inflammation of the respiratory tract. In short, pollution is often not only in our cities but even inside the home!

To help you in your choice we have selected some of the plants that best perform this purification function, beautiful and very different plants they will make your home fresh, cheerful and full of life!

Let's start fromAloe Vera, a well-known succulent plant, very simple to grow at home, it is certainly a trusted ally against the formaldehyde and the benzene. Place it next to a bright window perhaps in the bathroom or kitchen where you will find it light and humidity it requires to live well and carry out its detox function. By growing her you can also use hers very fleshy leaves to make skin ointments and vitamin smoothies!

Another succulent with a unique and very particular appearance is theAlocasia Polly, beloved for its high decorative potential, makes every environment where it is placed unique. If you want to give an ethnic-tropical touch to your home, this is the plant for you! Even just one specimen of Alocasia is enough to recreate a scenario of lush home greenery! IS' nicknamed elephant ears due to its long leaves, it contributes like Aloe Vera to purify the air especially from alcohol, acetone and benzene.

It will be necessary to find one for this plant large enough space otherwise it will tend to lose its leaves in the parts where it is located near the walls. Thanks to the transpiration of its large leaves, Alocasia increases the humidity rate and purifies the air by oxygenating it.

We come now to Ficus Benjamin one of the best plants you should have indoors for purer air. In fact, the Ficus is capable of eliminate up to 12 micrograms of formaldehyde hourly, substance that we find in our environments coming from paints and glues used for the walls, for the fabrics of curtains and cushions and for the furniture. Ficus is also very effective on smoke and on the trichlorethylene and returns a fresh and purified air.

According to the studies of allergists we should keep one plant every 9 square meters in the environments in which we live and work.

It starts now!

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