They are not sprouts, they are not vegetables, they are absolutely not GMO but on the contrary 100% natural is Bio… But then what are i micro-vegetables?

Today we take you on a special journey through the new frontiers of home cultivation introducing you to Microgren.

The constant consumption of micro-vegetables helps the intestinal microbiota, strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and provides valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Very simple to cultivate, nice and colorful to be seen, tasty and full of vitamins to eat ...


Micro-vegetables are among the latest innovations from an agricultural point of view, a real revolution for cultivation. They are essentially the newborn seedlings of different species of herbs, vegetables and plants, which come eaten raw as soon as they are picked and used to give flavor to salads and many dishes enriching them thanks to their powerful bioactive substances and intense and innovative flavors.

Their cultivation is simple and inexpensive and do not need fertilizers and pesticides because gather as soon as the first two true leaflets called "Cotyledons", just 7-20 days after sowing.

There are many seeds suitable for growing in this way.

With this method you can choose to consume what you grow.

A scientific study from the University of Maryland has shown that micro-vegetables are characterized by a vitamin content and bioactive substances higher than 40 times their counterparts in the mature state. They are capable of improving digestive activity and the body's defense against various diseases and for this they have earned the nickname of super food.

Thanks to these very particular characteristics they are considered an integral part of thetothe food of the future, easy to grow even in an urban environment.


One of the many peculiarities that characterizes the cultivation of a micro vegetable is that of being athe reach of all!

For this you too you can decide to grow them indoors yours to always have them available, it is a very simple process to carry out, even if you do not have specific skills in cultivation. The goal is to have healthy and genuine products collected when consuming them.


Let's see the few and simple steps to grow micro vegetables in your home or even in the office. A window, a container that does not exceed 5 cm in height, a substrate, a vaporizer and gods seeds that's all you need.

Choose a clear container if you want to see the roots of the seeds, potting soil, hemp, coconut, jute or natural fiber for the substrate.

With these few elements your lush miniature grow will come to life, here's how:

  • put the growth medium you have chosen well wet in the container
  • wet the seeds and spread them in the container
  • put everything in a dark place for 48 hours to stimulate germination and spray twice a day to guarantee humidity at 50%
  • after two days put the container with the seeds near a window
  • wet your crop daily
  • cut them as soon as the first leaves appear, about 8 days after exposure to light

In short, cultivate micro-vegetables really puts you in a good mood! We know very well how satisfying it is to follow the cultivation and growth of what you will put on your table, with this technique you can really do it anywhere.

What are you waiting for? Start your cultivation now!

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