Marigold is one plant with beautiful flowers with many colorful petals that go from yellow to orange to red. The explosion of colors that comes from its flowering it is a wonder for the eyes and a joy for the heart!

It is an ancient and rustic plant, it shows off bright colors and ...

… Did you know that it is very useful in the vegetable garden?

If you practice synergistic agriculture you cannot help but learn to know it and make it the protagonist in your garden, whether on the ground or on the balcony, it is the perfect flower to be associated with vegetables.

Why is Marigold so important?

Plays a beneficial activity against nematodes, dangerous soil parasites that attack the roots of most horticultural species, especially in the presence of tired soils. Year after year, progressively, horticultural production decreases despite the fact that the cultivation technique remains the same. This effect is what agronomists define precisely "soil fatigue", That is the loss of fertility of the soil.

The marigold is perfect for dealing with this precise problem, in fact its roots emit substances unwelcome to nematodes, that hearing them will move away from the plants.

The marigold also has its own very particular smell, which is not pleasant to the human smell but it manages to attract bees and pollinating insects in an exceptional way. Pollination is a very important activity in the garden because it guarantees a good fruit set, that is the phase in which the transformation of the flowers into fruit takes place. The marigold performs this task magnificently, attracting very useful insects.

How to place it?

You can place the seedlings of marigold directly between the vegetables, for example alternating a tomato plant and a marigold plant, or you can plant them on the perimeter of the garden creating a very colorful barrier. You will love your garden even more! In short, the marigold is the flower of a thousand qualities which in addition to making your garden perfectly balanced, organic and natural it will greatly increase its aesthetic value delighting you with beautiful splashes of color.

A very interesting essential oil for its insecticidal and bactericidal properties, which however few people know due to its difficult availability. The essential oil of marigold keeps mosquitoes and insects away, during the hot season, you can add a few drops of this oil to the liquid wax of a candle to have a harmonious and relaxing environment away from annoying company.

Last news but not least of the others: this flower is edible!

You can put petals in salads that will turn out delicious and also wonderful to look at!

“While working in the fields, a farmer turns over a clod and emerges from it a child of supernatural wisdom: called Tagete, remains among men just the time of teach the art of divination, interpreting lightning and the entrails of animals. "

Thus narrate Cicero and Ovid, and from this revelatory being, which arose from the depths of the earth near the ancient Tarquinia, the homonymous plant takes its name.

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